Consumer Products

Consumer ProductsAs the industry’s preferred choice for thermal treatment and cooking of cereals, pulses, beans and oilseeds, Micronizing significantly improves digestibility, nutritional value and reduces cooking times. In cereals the infra red process ensures optimum starch gelatinisation. In full fat soya it achieves consistent inactivation of anti nutritional enzymes, long shelf life, reduced cooking times and an excellent toasted flavour, substituting the beany taste associated with soya. In cocoa processing it is used for the pre treatment of cocoa beans to ensure a clean nib/shell separation, leading to increased yields and improved flavour in the roasted nib. Other applications include breakfast cereals, muesli, snack products, linseed, baby food, quick cook pulses, wheat and rice, brewery adjuncts and full fat soya products.

Brewery Cereal Adjuncts


Cocoa Beans

Soya Beans, Oilseeds and Pulses

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