Soya Beans, Oilseeds & Pulses

Oilseeds and Pulses

Many vegetable protein sources in the raw state contain toxic enzymes and other anti nutritional factors which obstruct digestion. Monogastrics and all immature digestive systems will suffer reduced performance as a result, unless some form of processing occurs prior to consumption.

Micronizing is acknowledged world wide to be one of the most efficient and economical answers to consistent inactivation of these toxic enzymes, without loss of lysine or other heat sensitive amino acids. The radiant heat develops an agreeable toasted flavour, replacing the astringency associated with many of these foods. The intra cellular oil structure in soya and other oilseeds is ruptured by flaking. This opens up the oil availability to give M.E. values of 3750kcals/kg. Micronized soya products have an excellent shelf life.

Micronized full fat soya is an important ingredient in the animal feed industry, especially for young animal high density diets, broiler, pig and dairy rations, and horse and pet foods. Other oil seeds, e.g. linseed, are used for horses and ruminants with additional benefits for joint mobility and coat condition. Peas are being included, as a protein source, in a wide range of coarse mix diets, such as ruminant, horse and pet foods.

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