Research and Development

Part of Micronizing’s success has been built on a commitment to R&D and new product development, as well as continued improvements in performance and equipment specification. This includes a technical centre for trials, visited by customers from all over the world. Trials are charged on a daily basis.

Pilot Plant Rental

Micronizing offers a range of Pilot Plants for product development and “in-house” trials. The minimum rental period is 2 weeks. One of our food technologists is always available to assist with trials as required.

For example, 1 x MR2 Infra red Micronizer unit (max. 100kg/hr) complete with integral control panel and 1 x type LFM heavy duty Flaking Mill
Rental price MR2 Micronizer unit  per week GBP 400,-
Rental price LFM Flaking Mill per week GBP 300,-
Transport, insurance and commissioning cost to clients account.

Installation details:
Weight Nett: MR2 Micronizer 570  kgs. LFM Flaking Mill 960 kgs
Weight gross: MR2 Micronizer 600 kgs. LFM Flaking Mill 1.000 kgs
Dimensions: 264 x 138 x 240 cms (Micronizer) +135 x 91 x 132 cms (Flaking mill)
Total volume 10,37 M3

Required energy:
Gas: LPG Propane (2 kgs/hr.)
Max 4 Bar Min 50mbars gas pressure inlet
Electrical: 3.5 kW,  3 ph 380/415V, 50 Hz.

Please see our contact page to request information regarding R&D/trials

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