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About UsMicronizing Company UK, established in 1971, has plants operating in 44 countries world wide, in both consumer food ingredients and animal feeds.

The original application, in the UK, was animal nutrition, to increase the nutritional value of cereal starch for baby pigs, other performance and young animal diets, dairy, ruminants, horse feeds and pet foods.
Today, the brand name Micronizing is recognized world wide as having an important role in contributing to high energy and performance diets.

Since 1976, Micronizing has been processing consumer food products such as breakfast cereals, speciality bread ingredients, malt products, brewery cereal adjuncts, infant foods, soups, vegetarian meals, snack products, quick cook pasta, rice, soya, brewery cereal adjuncts, and cocoa. The list of applications continues to grow.

The infra red Micronizing process has long been recognized as one of the most flexible and efficient means of cooking, adding true value to nature’s harvest.

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