Cereal Processing

Cereal ProcessingCereals have always played an important part in balanced nutrition. However, in the raw state cereals and seeds contain an inaccessible starch structure, which is indigestible. To open up the nutrients, the starch must be processed into smaller components, “glucose” molecules known as gelatinized starch.

Infra Red Micronizing is a highly reliable and consistent “short time high temperature” process, using humidity, temperature and mechanical pressure to achieve high levels of starch gelatinisation and elimination of anti-nutritional factors, without any significant water loss. Infra red energy makes the starch become soft and turgid, causing it to swell, fracture and gelatinize. Immediate rolling or flaking enhances digestibility and nutritional value.

Where high energy and performance are important, Micronized cereals are used either pelleted or as flakes in coarse mix rations in baby pig diets and other performance and young animal diets, dairy, ruminants, horse feeds and pet foods.

The process guarantees high digestibility, especially when optimum cooking is crucial e.g. for younger animals. For example, digestibility in barley can be improved up to 98%, while starch gelatinisation in maize is as high as 90%. The palatability improvement achieved by converting the starches to sugars strongly enhances their flavour compared to other processes. Micronized cereal flakes have an attractive appearance, are dust free with excellent colour retention. Energy is saved because drying is unnecessary.

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