Tips for optimizing your Micronizer performance.

As with all equipment (even if it seems to last forever) your Micronizer needs regular maintenance to optimize its performance and to avoid costly and unnecessary downtime.

You can order our spare parts list, together with a set of drawings (for easy identification of the parts) via our contact form or by email. Please confirm whether you are operating a belt or vibratory machine, preferably with your machine number.

The parts list is divided into two sections; consumable parts and critical parts. Although we have only highlighted a limited number of spares, all other parts mentioned on the drawings can be supplied.

Consumable parts; frequently used parts of which we recommend you keep a few in stock:

1 x Alarm Level Sensor
1 x High Pressure Switch
1 x Low Pressure Switch
4 x Combustion Fan Filters External (2), Internal (2)
2 x Ignition Spark Plugs
4 x Ionisation Probes
1 x Gas filter pad kit with “O” ring (specify LPG or natural gas
2 x Flame Ignition Controller (state voltage)
4 x 15mm Curved Copper Pipe complete with fittings
4 x Burner Assembly complete
4 x Sets Ceramic Tiles (4 off per set complete with fibre flax packing)
4 x Sets of Metal Ceramic Tile Retainers

A few notes with regard to frequently used parts:

• Ceramics: Over the years we have done a number of studies regarding energy cost, efficiency and clean combustion. To maintain optimum combustion in the infra red manifold, a clean air supply has always been recommended. Our research has proved that despite frequent cleaning and renewing of the combustion fan filters, over time the ceramic tiles still function as the final filter with a consequent build up of dust and other carbon impurities, resulting in loss of infra red efficiency i.e. loss of production and increased cost per tonne. In conclusion we recommend that the ceramic tiles are replaced after 12.000 hours.

• Burners: Burner life is approx. 10 years depending on whether air has been allowed to enter between the ceramics and the burner body. Evidence of this will be seen where the burner body or the venturi has glowed with a red colour, resulting in warping or distortion of the cast iron structure. For example, when fitting new tiles in a warped burner body, ceramics will pop and the burner will glow red again within a week or so.

Critical parts:

We have undertaken a risk analysis of the Micronizer operation and we have identified those parts representing a threat to production and other potential downtime losses. Some of these critical parts have a substantial lead time of up to 10 weeks.

Typical signs of failure for the following parts are:

• Combustion fan: (average life span , delivery time 8 weeks) abnormal noise level
• Vibratory tray assembly (average life span 10-15 years, delivery time 10 weeks): can show cracks around motor mounting plate, while the noise level may rise significantly.
• Vibratory motors: (average life span 10 years, delivery time 6-8 weeks) temperature rise, frequent tripping of motor, excessive noise level
• Vibratory stainless steel liner front and back set; (average life span 10 years, delivery time 8 – 10 weeks) excessive noise, uneven flow of material
• Steel wire belt: (average life span 5-8 years, delivery time 4-6 weeks) thin patches in belt wire, edge condition becomes ragged.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to predict when a certain part will fail e.g. vibratory tray springs, speed controller, cooler chain and, sometimes, vibratory motors.

MR series Micronizers fitted with vibratory tray only.

Although we know that it is impossible to keep some of the items listed above on the shelf, we do advise to always have a spare motor in stock. Some customers have experienced major down time after 10-12 years, and although we keep some in stock ourselves, we cannot guarantee immediate delivery which is what you will require to avoid downtime.
Over the years the B series vibratory motors have been replaced by the BL and BK series. The BK and BL series are interchangeable, the old B series are not because they are a lighter duty motor.


We trust that this will assist you to operate your Micronizer plant 100% efficiently. Please remember that one of our service engineers can always assist you with a preventative maintenance service or plant refurbishment.

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