Micronizing quick-fit burner fittings

To help you save labour and downtime when fitting new burners we have designed a new quick-fit pillar fixing to replace the traditional M6 hexagon head screw nut and bolt when changing burners on your Micronizer.

Currently, replacing the four nuts and bolts on each burner takes ca. 30 minutes; using the new quick-fit pillar fittings, this is reduced to less than 5 minutes. Therefore your maintenance team will save a considerable amount of time and effort.  In addition, the pillar fittings are much more ‘user friendly’ because they are pre-assembled in the burner body, before being attached to the burner frame with a top nut – no more fumbling below the burner frame with seized threads.

  • Discount on parts
  • Save 25% on energy cost
  • Quick fit burner fittings
  • Heat resistant curtains

A drawing will be supplied with the fittings.

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